Reflections can guide one’s direction. It could serve as a compass, helping to navigate from wrong paths previously taken. It’s another October, gradually gliding. It’s a new phase that will lead to our 60th year of independence, a new year with many more fresh and blank pages to be filled Read more…

The Big Question: Equity or Equality?

Achieving balance is a never-ending journey. When issues on gender balance are discussed, words like “equity” and “equality” are thrown around, hence, the need to understand them as tools for bettering the balance. Equality connotes equal treatment of people, irrespective of gender, social or cultural differences while Equity means the Read more…

Let us Balance for Better

“Keep going, keep going”, says the woman. “Now, pause a bit. This sounds like a great deal, but it’s glitter, sir. This isn’t gold, trust me on this one.” “So, what if we lost that account? Better things lie ahead! This has bought us time to fuel our strategy.” “Come Read more…

12 Of The Best World Cup Ads Ever Made

Every four years, the well-lushed lawns of the best stadiums of a country welcomes the world’s best footy stars to display their skills, thrill their fans, excite their countrymen and sadly, many times break the heart – and maybe fortune of the lovers of the World’s most popular game. But above all, every football star dreams of Victory and lifting the golden cup.


What is Mobile Number Portability?

One of the toughest decisions that can be taken by any mobile phone user in Nigeria today will be to discard a line because the user is not enjoying the best quality of service from the operator. It becomes more difficult if you have been using the line for say five to six years and it is your officially recognised line by business associates, family and friends both at home and abroad. (more…)