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From the depths of various experiences, values and backgrounds, the word ‘FREEDOM’ comes in different dimensions and meanings to different people. However, regardless of whatever form it takes, the binding link to all its definitions is that, freedom connotes a release from one form of containment or the other- liberty.  Literally, freedom is to exhale.

“…the labor of our Heroes past

Shall never be in vain,

To serve with heart and might

One nation bound in FREEDOM, peace and unity.


From the last line of our national anthem above, freedom represents a binding factor, rather than a release. It reflects the idea of coming together and not a tool for division.

Having fought and won the battle of 1960, “the labor of our heroes past”  would have been more appreciated by our coming together, regardless of the many religious, ethnic and tribal differences to build a nation whose foundation had already been laid. To what extent have we “served with heart and might”? If “peace and unity” were languages, how fluent do we speak them? How far have these roles been played within the last 59 years?

Indeed, we ought to examine these wordings carefully, to see how far we have lived these ideals within the last 59 years.

59 years, how far have we let the liberty take us? It is one thing for a cage to be opened and quite another to get out and run; not just run, but move strategically and deliberately towards the right direction to obtain the prize life has to offer.

Right now, beyond corruption, that may be said to have bred most of the dilapidation in our country, mental slavery has become a major entanglement we now need to gain independence from, all over again. A conscious and personal battle against a poor mentality that has birthed self-pity among us, over dependency, indiscipline and hypocrisy is key.

So, what’s next?


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  • Walking in the consciousness that we are all that we have will go a long way.
  • Constantly building our capacity as individuals and as a nation.
  • Deliberately reinforcing our values to the world, irrespective of the fact that this may take extra efforts, considering so many underlining issues. Eventually however, the world will always stan for people with value.


Home or abroad, value speaks the loudest. For Instance: it’s not primarily about where one is going abroad, but about who is going. If a person with an enslaved mentality goes abroad, he/she would be treated like a slave, but with one who doesn’t just carry value, but goes in that consciousness wherever, the world would stan.

Therefore, constantly channeling our energy as a nation towards our positives is key as this will ultimately lead to us becoming an essence in the world at large. This in its entirety is True Freedom.


Eden Odein Benibo

Content Writer,

Etu Odi Communication.


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