Voice Search Optimisation: A Catalyst for the Evolution of Marketing Strategies

“Hey, Siri, how do I bake a cake?” 

That’s because we are all becoming more familiar with voice searches. As of 2020, half of all the online search requirements were voice-activated. This just shows how rapidly voice optimization is changing the world, and consequently, digital marketing strategies.

You might already be familiar with some of the multiple voice search assistants dominating the online world. These include:

However, the most interesting thing is that many brands in the world are fast adapting voice search features, but what’s in it for your business?

The Uncanny Romance Between 21st-Century Internet Users and Voice Search Optimisation Services

Experts say that voice search optimisation works the best for brands, but I bet the first question you’ll ask is “how?”.

Now, let’s paint a scenario:

  • Type the words “top five richest Nollywood actors”
  • Say “top five richest Nollywood actors”

Between both instances, which was faster?

The answer is the latter. The magic of voice search is that it saves users the hassle of typing their queries on a keyboard. Instead, users can simply “use their voice” to ask their query verbally. It is much faster and time-efficient than typing. This is exactly why the demand for voice search optimisation services is high. 

Why Voice Search Optimisation Is Important For SEO

When was the last time you typed a full sentence on a search engine? You probably can’t remember. The truth is no one probably types like this anymore:

 “Where can I find the best cake ingredients and equipment in Lagos, Nigeria?

Most people type like this:

“Cake ingredients and equipment near me” OR “Cake ingredients and equipment Lagos” 

Nowadays, users search by proper terms, and these are known as keywords of SEO. When successfully implemented, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps drive traffic to your business. Similarly, Voice Search Optimisation service (VSO) is simply SEO for voice.

With SEO, users type specific keywords or phrases when searching for information, a product, or a service. However, with VSO, users say the complete sentence on smart speakers or smartphones. The keywords for VSO are more conversational and specific than SEO. 

The Magic of Voice Search Optimization (VSO)

In VSO, the search occurs conversationally via spoken voice instructions or commands. Unlike SEO, voice search gives more accurate results of what users are looking for.

Types Of VSOs

Typically, there are two types of Voice Search Optimisation services:

  • Voice Search Optimisation for search engines 
  • Voice Search Optimisation for voice assistants

For Search Engines

Whether it’s on Yahoo, Google, Bing, or any other search engine, when people conduct a voice search, they are typically looking for answers or information. This is often marked by a conversation with the AI. In turn, the AI processes the search query and shows the exact results requested by the users.

In cases where users search for a specific product or service, there is a high likelihood of adding the term “near me”. As such, one of the best ways to drive traffic to your business through VSO is to ensure that you create online content that can easily help you rank for “a specific service near me”

For Voice Assistants

Unlike VSO for search engines where the results are displayed on the screen for users to read, VSO for voice assistants is more conversational since the answers come from the voice interaction of the smart device. VSO for voice assistant gives more accurate results than VSO for search engines.

Here’s What We Think 

In Nigeria, most brands and businesses do not consider Voice Search Optimization when creating digital marketing strategies. But whether we like it or not, more consumers are adopting voice search, and if brands are not careful, they may get left behind in this new digital evolution. Without any doubt, the voice search algorithm has drastically contributed to the evolution of digital marketing strategies globally, and eventually, Nigeria will not be an exception.

So, whether you are a new or existing brand, it would be best to adopt VSO as part of your digital marketing strategies to increase audience reach and engagement with your business. That’s why at Etu Odi, we create digital marketing strategies at par with the rest of the world to ensure that we maximize reach and engagement for your brand.

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