4 Things To Do This December  

The aroma of an anticipated holiday. The sweet melodies of Christmas in the air. The tingly feeling of a 12- months ride, rapidly gliding towards an end. And the beautiful uncertainty of welcoming a new phase, in the forthcoming year 2020. These and more are the triggers of the usual exciting calmness that comes with the month of December.

However, like the saying goes- “It’s not over until it’s over.” Thus, before the year runs out, below are ‘4 Possible Things’ you should add to your to do list. 

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  • Rest: Yes, create time to rest. True, the month of December is synonymous with partying, wining and dining, and generally outings, because of all the festivities going on everywhere, one must consciously map out time to rest, at different intervals within the month. Find time for quality sleep, have some quiet time, listen to your fave song list, and generally take time to rest. Remember that the holiday is meant for rejuvenation and these moments away from work is priceless. Ensure you rest well.


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  • Spend Quality Time With Family & Loved Ones: These are the people that matter in our lives, and spending quality time with them should never be discounted. The laughter shared, the memories made are warm reminders of our love for the people we value. True, work can be hectic all year long, but the little quality time spent with family and loved ones will go a long way. And there’s no better time to keep the love fire burning than this holiday. Please, do not postpone any time you have to spend with your loved ones.



  • Reflection: This is the time to spend quality time with yourself. Not to rest, or sleep, but gently reminisce on the year 2019. A pen and paper may come in handy here. Let’s just call it time for; “counting our blessings and naming them one by one.”. This will leave us with nothing but a grateful heart. And also afford us the much needed time to put a plan in place for next year. Goal setting time. 


  • Show Some Kindness: Beyond being a season of celebration, most importantly, we are in the season of love, care and sharing happiness. So show some love, do a random act of kindness; To that person who probably may not be able to repay you. To your grandparents in the village, the very ones you probably never called throughout the year. To that nanny or housekeeper who has been faithfully carrying out her duties. To the gateman at the entrance of the estate where you live, who blesses you with a broad smile each morning. Being the source of another’s joy and happiness is golden!



                 We Wish You All

     The Very Best Holiday Ever!


Eden Benibo 

Content Writer, Etu Odi Communications.


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