How to Build a Successful Personal Brand – The 4 Acts (Part II)

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Understanding these archetypes and how they map to our personalities as people will go a long way in helping you build an intentional and beneficial personal brand for yourself, and in this part, we are looking at the group of personalities that seek to Explore Spirituality!

They are the ones we like to call ‘deep’; they usually have the most profound reasons to exude Innocence, act as the Sage, or be the Explorer who always has to seek what lies beyond!.

The archetypes in this quadrant tilt more towards exploring self and unravelling more.


1. The Sage

Pete Edochie advice to women to 'put condom for husband bag' cause reactions - BBC News Pidgin

Sage archetypes are characterized by the desire to unravel the truth. These ones believe that finding the truth and sharing it with others will make the world a better place so they are keen on gathering reliable information. Success to a sage means pursuing knowledge and truth and would not stop until it is gotten.

Some of the characteristics of the sage are a high level of awareness, wisdom, independence, lover of processes while some of their fears are uncertainty, misinformation, and ignorance.

Do you have an unquenching thirst for knowledge, or do you always find yourself giving (solicited and unsolicited) life advice? You just might be a Sage.


2.  The Explorer

Bobrisky: A Mirror for Nigeria? | African Arguments

Do you constantly look for answers to questions? Does your curiosity take the best of you? You have the attributes of an Explorer. The explorers want the freedom to create a path and carve a niche for themselves. They would give anything to live an inspiring and fulfilling life. Furthermore, they focus on self-discovery and look for answers to questions relating to purpose in a bid to help others. In spite of their usually articulate justification, the Explorers sometimes come across as strange or just full of sh*t!

Some of the attributes of the explorer are freedom and discovery while some of their fears are feelings of being trapped, and restlessness.


3. The Innocent

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People that fall into this category often come across as harmless ‘sweet’ souls that embody positivity, simplicity, and optimism. Doing things the right (or acceptable) way is often their watchword and they would always seek ways to bring peace and harmony to the lives of those around them.

The goal of the Innocent archetype is to be happy and they believe that life does not have to be hard. Some of their attributes are faith, optimism, independence, while their fear is doing something wrong.


Do you see yourself as a Sage, Explorer, or the Innocent…or you still can’t map your personality to an archetype? Break no sweat, there are three more parts coming in the series.

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