Building A Great Brand Experience; 3 Things You Must Do

When people think of creating a new brand or revamping an old one, what typically comes to mind is a group of brand & marketing gurus sitting around a conference room, tossing around brand-building ideas all day with complex vocabularies and terms.

Well, that’s probably where the textbooks will lead you, but in reality, building a successful brand, especially an engaging one at that, is a whole lot different.

That said, you must know that there will always be several other brands that offer the same services that you do. So, how do you stand out in a way your target audience can identify and relate with? Well, that is the question, before you get to deciding colours or fonts!

By building an engaging brand experience.

Sounds easy right? But it’s not.

The good news is that it is doable when you have the right brand & marketing experts to put you through the whole process.

However, the first step towards building an engaging brand is by adding a little “fun” to your brand experience. People love to have fun, and where there is fun – there will be people.

Below are three brand & marketing secrets to add some sparkle and fun to your brand and create an amazing brand experience.

#1: Make Your Brand a Household Name

Why do people always use Indomie and Maggi to describe all brands of instant noodles and seasoning cubes when there are several brands of the same product out there?

Well, that’s because these brands have become the set standards for their industry by becoming a household name.

You may have guessed it, but making your brand a household name is not a piece of cake.

For these brands mentioned, you would have realized that both brands added elements of fun into their brand experience. For instance, Indomie has a comic series with dedicated superheroes and Maggi organizes cooking competitions.

Of course, you might not have the ability to create a comic series or organize a competition, but find an alternative way to add some element of fun to your brand. People are more likely to connect to your brand if it is fun.

#2: Create, and Share Your Brand Story

Everyone loves a good story, so if your brand has got an interesting story – tell it.

Think through your product, the big idea behind it and what it seeks to achieve in the lives of your customers; does it give happiness? does it empower? What will you say is your product’s superpower? Answer this important question and create your own story around it.

Storytelling is one of the best branding communications techniques to sell your brand. The power of storytelling is so immense that it can change the whole trajectory of your business. By sharing your brand story, your customers can connect with your brand, your values, and your vision…that is the feeling you want every customer to get from your product, that is the main indicator of product success, so tell it, until they get it!

#3: Talk Human!

Let’s see if you can remember some of these popular catchphrases:

“Boom Sha Sha”

“My friend, Udeme…”

“I don port o…”

You probably can figure out the brands these phrases belong to because you recognise these catchphrases.

When you create a popular catchphrase or tagline, you’ll find people talking about that catchphrase, writing about it in blogs, or as graffiti on walls. And what does this mean for your brand? Visibility! A catchphrase or hot tagline can transform your brand into a fun and engaging brand and give an awesome brand experience for your customers.

Beyond the uniqueness of some of the catchphrases we love so much, the real driving force to their success is how ‘human’ they are, to the target audience…relatable, fun, easy to remember and understand; what we at Etu Odi call TALK HUMAN!

You’re selling to humans, so talk like them!

In getting this done perfectly, you may need the help of an expert brand & marketing agency like us, with a track record of success stories in brand building and marketing. They’ll help you figure out the unique blend of ideas and execution that will create the brand the market wants to buy.

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