5 Expert Tips For Creating Content Your Audience Will Love

So, you’ve got a brand or you are probably just starting yours – but the bottom line is that you are looking for ways to ensure that you build an audience base that’ll fall crazily in love with your brand. Now, there are many ways to attract and retain your audience, but one of the most effective brand & marketing strategies many successful businesses use is content.

Trust us, when the content is juicy and value-driven, you will get and retain your audience’s attention. Great content is one of the many proven ways to build a community of raving fans for your brand or business. This is why it is essential to create engaging content that your audience will love and constantly crave.

Well, there’s some bad news

Creating engaging content is hard – when you are not equipped with the relevant skills and resources required to capture your audience’s attention and affection. Even if you do manage to create content, there are times when you’ll likely run out of content ideas or simply feel unconfident about the content type and quality you churn out. Whatever the case may be, content creation is an art that, sadly, not many brands have mastered.

…and some good news

With the right brand & marketing strategies and help from the best marketing agency in Lagos, creating content that’ll blow the minds of your audience is a piece of cake.

That said, let’s tell you 5 expert brand & marketing strategies you can employ to create content that your audience will love.

Explore Your Analytics

If you have created content over a period, your CRM must have saved your audience engagement data within that period. You can collect data across all social mediums and analyse the data. A thorough analysis will help you figure out what kind of content works for you, and what kind you need to toss in the bin.

Analytics will also help you determine what you need to do to improve engagement. Nothing can better help you get an accurate overview of how to win your audience’s heart, than good ol’ analytics.

Check Out The Competition

Is there a similar brand or brands creating jaw-dropping content that your audience just can’t seem to get enough of? Then it might be a good idea to study these brands with top-performing content to see what they are doing differently.

Take a look at their pages, handles or blogs and find out what is working for them. Since you are in the same industry and have a similar audience demographic, it is most likely that what works for them will also work for you. You can also build on their strategy to improve yours.

It is even much better if you go beyond just your competitors. If there are other companies whose content you admire, you should also check them out.  Do not attempt to copy & paste their content, simply take a look at their content pattern and use this to generate content ideas for your audience.

Use Content Research Tools

There are several cloud-based software that can give accurate data of content performance across social media. Hootsuite is an excellent example of such software. So, how do these tools work? Let’s tell you:

If you input a keyword into any content research tools, it will show the performance metrics of content associated with that specific keyword across social media networks.

This helps you to know if you want to continue creating content tied to specific keywords or not.

Ask Your Audience


If only we got a Naira for every time brands fail to do this before creating content, we’d be crazy-rich.

Before mapping out your content plan or creating content at all, ask your audience what kind of content they love. This is why polls are one of our favourite digital marketing tools. When you have a clear understanding of what your audience wants, you can easily create content that satisfies their needs.

Doing something as simple as asking “What will you like us to talk about in our next post?” will go a long way to give you the right content direction. Posting questions help you to get open-ended replies in return. You can also create polls to get a crystal-clear understanding of what your audience wants.

Outsource Your Content Creation 

Content marketing is the hardest part of inbound marketing. Unfortunately, many brands, especially startups, suck at it because they don’t have the time, resources and knowledge to create what’s fit for their audience. Another mistake many brands make is believing that no one can tell their story better than them. 

But if you want to outshine your competition and wow your audience with engaging content, then it is best to work with the best agency in Lagos.

Trust us, content creation is a lot easier when you outsource it to the experts.

The Gist

A brand that doesn’t run out of great and engaging content stands a better chance to connect to its audience.  If you are a business owner or a brand, and you want the best content creation strategy and performance, you should work with expert digital marketers in Nigeria like us.

Want us to help you create content that your audience will love? Let’s talk! Click here to leave us a message.

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